Keira Knightley Interview for King Arthur


Written By: Lena Aburdene

It’s hard to believe that Keira Knightley is only in a handful movies that most people know of. When Knightley appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean she took Hollywood by storm. Here she was: Practically an unknown and starring in one of the biggest summer blockbusters of all time alongside heartthrobs like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Although the British beauty (who looks like a cross between Winona Rider and Natalie Portman) was the eye-candy of the movie, she also proved her acting abilities, and soon gained the career solidifying role of Guinevere in Jerry Bruckheimer’s (who also produced Pirates) King Arthur. Keira Knightley seems like she has the ultimate life. She’s dating and Irish supermodel that she’s crazy about, she’s gorgeous with killer abs and she’s got a hot career that seemed to magically take off with little effort. Even with all her success she’s still as sweet as cotton candy, unassuming and overly appreciative of everything that’s happened to her.

Many pictures of Keira have shown her athletic physique. King Arthur required more strength training than Pirates and Bend it Like Beckham because she was a warrior princess who had to measure up to the boys club that these epic movies often feature. Keira says, “We were in the gym all the time” and cites her training as, “boxing, weightlifting, archery, axe fighting and horse riding.” Keira actually went up a dress size for the role but luckily for her, it was because of all the training she did: “I put on a lot of muscle for the role…I had to put on as much weight as possible.”

Keira had nothing but feelings of anticipation for taking on the role of the highly notarized role of Guinevere, as she eagerly tell us, “I didn’t need any convincing. I’m a huge fan of Jerry and to have the opportunity to work with him again…I couldn’t miss it. I was really excited…I was kind of terrified to take on a role like Guinevere and then completely change it, but I was still very excited.”

The character of Guinevere is complicated in Bruckheimer’s King Arthur. In some ways she is a role model for women because she embodies independence and strength and can adequately compete with men, however, Keira doesn’t necessarily feel that Guinevere is someone that should be looked up to: “Guinevere isn’t particularly a role model but when I go to the movies I do want to see a pro-active woman. What’s amazing about Guinevere is she’s so strong and independent and manipulative. She was someone high up in society and she uses Arthur to her advantage. She was a character that chose not to fall in love with somebody unless it was beneficial to her. She’s fighting for an occupied nation and no one (in the film) is innocent because each character is haunted by the bad things that they did.”

Keira counts her blessings every day. She still seems in awe of the fact that she is where she is and that her career is steadily growing with each film that she adds to her resume. When she talks about the movies and the process that is required to make one she gets starry-eyed and talks as if she’s almost in a dream. Her passion and love for film is blatantly obvious: It’s amazing. All through my life I’ve loved watching movies. I love the escapism of movies. I’ve always wanted to spend my time doing this but I realize it can be gone in a puff of smoke. I’m fascinated on how movies are put together and to see someone’s vision on the screen, and to act out someone’s vision is fun as well.”

Next up is a thriller called The Jacket co-starring Adrien Brody and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Keira will be playing an alcoholic waitress and describes the film as “a thinking man’s thriller.” As her fame continues to blossom, she seems to stay focused and unaware of her true star-power, as she tells us she is constantly on film sets and therefore living “in a protected bubble” that is far away from the paparazzi and the glitz of Hollywood. With her high-profile career on a rise it’s hard to believe that this charming starlet is just getting started.