Kellan Lutz started out as a highly successful fashion model and then entered the acting world with roles in films like Stick It, Accepted, and Prom Night. But everything changed when he landed the role of Emmett Cullen in the film Twilight and its subsequent sequels.

In the wake of The Twilight Saga’s success, Lutz has done roles in films like A Nightmare On Elm Street, A Warrior’s Heart, and Immortals. Now the 27 year-old plays Emmett one last time in the final film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

We had to admit to Kellan that we thought he was by far the hottest vampire in this world, so we were perplexed as to why there was no Team Emmett? I mean, where was HIS love triangle?

“I don’t know,” Lutz answers, “I mean you’ve got the Edward and you’ve got the Jacob. You’ve got the triangle. It’s not a square or rectangle. So that would be interesting if it was that. But no, I love my character. He’s the brother.”

Lutz talks about how fun it was to shoot an arm wrestling scene with Kristen Stewart, who plays Kellan’s new sister-in-law and newly-minted vampire Bella.

“You know what? For me, personally, it was a gold mine to get there.” Kellan says of the experience, “Because I would have loved to have done that scene and to work one on one with Kristen in that fashion, and now she’s playing a vampire.”

“So it was just really great to watch her transition from a clumsy human to an all-powerful vampire,” he adds, “And then to bring, just make that scene and bring it to life, I loved it reading the books and doing it, it was fun. It really was. And I think this last movie, we just had a lot of fun doing everything. I spent, Emmett took a couple of acting classes so that he could really make her feel like she was really beating him.”

One thing we brought up to Kellan is the multitude of reaction shots each character has to different things.

“That’s interesting that you bring that up because no one else has,” Lutz says of them, “I think it’s very observant for you to pick up. I noticed that as well. I think maybe because nowadays, TV is so quick. You have to change scenes up so fast that the audience might get bored that maybe they do that in our movie to kind of keep the attention even though, I mean, the fans love the movies.”

“But yeah, we do have a lot of reactions,” he continues, “And it’s like, one liner. OK, his reaction, and then another line. But I think that’s what drives the movies, especially this last one. So much is going on and there are so many new actors and vampires that you want to give everyone a chance and have them have a beat even if it’s just a reaction.”

Lutz talks about the greatest thing to come out of being part of The Twilight Saga.

“You know what? I’m such a people person,” he replies, “I think just meeting all of the thousands of people that I have, let alone working with such an amazing cast. We had a talented cast. I mean every actor portrays the role incredibly well. And then, you know, I’ve been a big fan of Michael Sheen forever, so it’s great to work with people like him.”

And everyone is just awesome off camera too,” Kellan continues, “And then you add on the fans who not only know you as your character, but now know you for your name. So it’s great when they’re a fan of Emmett, but now they’re a fan of Kellan. And you see them around the world, and you finally get to meet them and you interact over, like my social media is Twitter. And they help with my charities and it’s great to just meet them in person and really establish friendships with these people.”

Kellan talks about the question he’s going to miss the least asking regarding Twilight.

“I’m not going to miss anything, because I love talking about Twilight,” Lutz says, “It’s been such a big part of my life. It’s like talking about high school, like there’s not one question you know, especially talking to someone new. I’m just so thankful to be a part of this. One question I wish I was asked more, to flip the question, you know would be like what charities I’m a part of. You know I feel like people, it’s like that Ray Lewis football commercial when that little girl asks like, ‘What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite animal?’”

“You know people who want to know you, and what you’re doing outside of the movies, because of course people ask redundant questions of, ‘Are you going to be sad that it’s coming to an end?’” he adds, “Of course you are. It’s a big part of your life. Anyone who says no is a robot, I feel like. So when people actually have good questions, or amazing like outside of the box, ones about my charity. I always love talking about my charities, and love pushing those versus something that’s pretty much answerable.”

With that in mind, we had Lutz talk about how he chooses the charities that he works with.

“Honestly, I think anyone who has a platform should help any and every cause out there,” he says, “But for me personally, I feel like if you spread yourself too thin, it’s like if you have too many friends then you don’t really get close friends, or make close friends. So you know for me, it’s like I’m down to support any cause, but the ones that are really near and dear to my heart, I love animals and I love kids. And when I shoot places like South Africa, you know I learn about Invisible Children.”

“So in places where I have had the chance to become knowledgeable about certain causes, like St. Bernard Project when I worked in New Orleans, I learned all about Katrina,” Kellan adds, “Currently right now I’m working with Saving Innocence, which deals with trafficking of young girls here in L.A. and all over the world. So you know I try to be part of this if I went to Cambodia, but I haven’t yet. And seeing that this is taking place in my own backyard, LA is my home. So I’m very much an advocate of that, and then PETA for my animal causes, and The Boys & Girls Club, just because I love being a big brother.”

We brought up to Kellan about the possibility that through the awareness brought through these charities, especially ones involving animals and pets, maybe we had learned something from how poorly it was handled the first time, like with Katrina.

“Well I think with the hurricane you kind of know the damage it’s going to cause and you can prepare,” Lutz says, “Concerning Katrina, and the levies, we all thought they were going to hold. So you know as long as you’re prepared, and maybe something, thank God that nothing super unexpected has happened yet.”

“I’ve just got back from London and Ireland Scotland doing some press overseas for Breaking Dawn,” he adds, “But it warms my heart seeing people take care of their animals because my dogs are my best friends. So it’s great that we treat them as one of our own appendages or family members. There are videos of dogs and cats waking up someone when their house is on fire and they are in a deep slumber. So it’s, you know man’s best friend, dogs, any animal, like we’re there to take care of them, and that’s what we should do.”

We then asked Lutz about the movie Love Is All You Need?, a drama set for release sometime next year, that is in an alternate universe where homosexual relationships are the norm and it’s a heterosexual relationship between a man and a woman that becomes the target of bullying and ostracism.

“It is one of the most brilliant scripts I’ve read,” he says, “That’s why I’m so passionate about it. That’s why I want to make it. We haven’t had a chance to make it. Kim Rocco is just a special woman who made the short, and Camilla Bell and myself are just itching to make this movie come to life.”

“This story is just fascinating,” Kellan continues, “If you think about our society and you flip it all, and you know now straight people are called rows and breeders and you really just feel what others feel in like the bullying aspect from every age group out there. It’s very impactful. So I’m really looking forward to making this movie.”

We asked Kellan how he would get ready for something like that

“Well bullying is bullying,” Lutz says, “Honestly. I mean any verbal bullying, like physical bullying, it doesn’t matter what age, gender, race you are. Any cruelty in that fashion is just inappropriate. And with this one, you know my character just goes through a lot of issues that anyone can go through. So I think that’s why it hits so close to home that it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or if you’re straight, bullying will happen.”

“It does happen, and there should be a stop to it,” he continues, “That’s why I just want to get this movie out there because watching all of the suicides that take place and people put it up on YouTube, and it breaks my heart, like it really does. And we’ve got to do something, and that’s why I really would hope that we could make this movie sooner than later.”

We wondered who is going to play the person that would bully Lutz’s character in the film.

“Well that’s the hard thing because I’m trying to lose weight for this role,” Kellan says, “Because I, again, get pretty messed up in this movie by some people, and it’s like I’m trying to lose weight for this and then, if this movie is not going yet, then I want to gain weight for my action movies, and it’s tough. It’s a tough life.”