For decades, Michelle Pfeiffer has been one of Hollywood’s most stunning actresses with roles in films like Dangerous Liaisons, Batman Returns, The Age of Innocence, Dangerous Minds, What Lies Beneath, Hairspray, and Stardust.

Now, the 53 year-old joins the Hollywood all-star cast which includes Halle Berry, Robert De Niro, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Swank, and Ashton Kutcher among others in the romantic comedy New Year’s Eve. The film is the follow-up to director Garry Marshall’s hit Valentine’s Day and like its predecessor, it features multiple plots revolving around different people who try to find love and romance in different ways, only this time during New Year’s Eve.

Pfeiffer plays Ingrid, a plain-looking office assistant Ingrid who hopes to enjoy her New Year’s Eve with a young bike messenger named Paul, played by Zac Efron. The actress was asked what she enjoyed most out of the many things she got to do in the film, such as dancing, flying a harness, or riding a motorcycle.

“Well, riding the motorcycle, but not because I actually drove it, but I think it was the elements that were a bit challenging,” Michelle replies, “Weather was one, the paparazzi were out in full force in the scene in the shot, and Garry was constantly talking Zac [Efron] and I off a ledge.”

Michelle, who is often known for playing highly glamorous characters, was asked what it was like to play someone a little more dowdy and buttoned-down.

“I’ve done that a lot,” Pfeiffer says, “I kind of like it. It’s what I love. It’s one of the things I love about acting, just disappearing in the role as much as I can. I think that’s one of the things that intrigued me about it and trying to figure out who is this woman who’s lived in New York City all of these years and never been into any of these places and that’s kind of where it led me.”

Pfeiffer was asked what she drew from herself to play a character like Ingrid.

“When I read this part, I said who is this person,” Michelle says, “And I realize I’m actually very much like her, but that happens quite a bit actually. I don’t realize how I actually am like the characters until years later.”

“But yeah, actually, I came to that conclusion just now,” she adds, “Zac and I are sitting together talking and he’s Paul and I’m Ingrid and I thought, oh, my gosh, he knew, I didn’t. So, yeah, I think there’s a bigger part of me and I tend to be a little more of a hermit.”

Michelle was asked what it was like to work with the teen heartthrob, whom previously starred in the movie Hairspray with her.

“Well, I’m the envy of every girl across the planet, I think,” she says, “I got a kiss in there with Zac Efron, quite clever of me at the ripe old age of 53. I don’t have anything. I’m sitting here thinking, hey, there must be something negative or awkward about working with Zac and there was nothing. I had signed on to do the picture and a pretty impressive cast was assembling, but Paul was not cast yet. And then, I heard that Zac was possibly doing it. He called me and I was in the middle of a class and I screamed and yelped in the middle of this very quiet environment.”

“We started talking and it was just a blast,” Pfeiffer continues, “We had so much fun and he’s so collaborative and so talented. I loved his Paul and his goofy haircut he showed up in. We didn’t really talk that much before he showed up and he was a little disappointed when he opened up in my trailer door and there sat Ingrid and his little face just kind of fell and I felt really bad. I think probably the sweetest thing about it was that he never let on and he still won’t admit how disappointed he was and he grew to love her anyway. He’s such a great guy. I love him.”

Pfeiffer was asked what the difference was between Efron and his character Paul.

“He’s actually fun-loving like Paul,” Michelle says, “I certainly wouldn’t call him a narcissist.”

It was brought to Michelle’s attention that Zac had said the scene with her when the New Year’s confetti finally drops did not go as smoothly for him with her as he had hoped.

“Take after take, confetti was falling out,” Pfeiffer replies, “Yeah, it wasn’t sexy.”

Pfeiffer was asked what her own plans are for this New Year’s Eve.

“I never make it to midnight. I watch New Year’s at 9:00PM West Coast time,” Michelle says, “I watch the ball drop in my jammies with some champagne, maybe some pie, whatever happens to be around. I stop sort of setting those unrealistic expectations for New Year’s Eve many years ago. Zac is threatening to take me out for New Year’s Eve.”