Peter Facinelli was originally known for roles in films like Can’t Hardly Wait, Supernova, Riding In Cars With Boys, and The Scorpopn King. However, his fortunes changed dramatically when he donned the role of slick, blond-haired vampire caretaker Dr. Carlisle Cullen in Twilight and its sequels.

Through the years, Facinelli has also attained roles on the Showtime TV series Nurse Jackie and in the film Loosies. Now the 38 year-old returns as Carlisle one last time in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Facinelli talks about how good he feels that The Twilight Saga is finally complete.

“It does,” Peter says, “We never expected to get this far. I mean when we shot the first film, we were just hoping that maybe we could have a good enough attendance were we could do the second book, and there was only three books at the time, and then, the fourth one came out, but it’s been a long ride.”

We asked Peter if he felt it was different for the new actors on this latest sequel versus when he and the others started from Twilight on.

“Yeah,” Facinelli replies, “I would think so. I mean you’d have to ask them, but I did feel like we kind of came in and had this experience, and by the time the new actors came in which is movie four. It felt like we were like the seniors and they were like the freshmen. They came in and were kind of wowed by the whole experience.”

“And they had like a tight knit group where the new guys all kind of hung out together were the old guys were just like we’re too tired to hang out,” he adds, “In the beginning we all kind of hung out with each other by movie four and five, we were like ‘Yeah, we just want to get a good night’s sleep.’ You youngins go out. We’re going to just stay in tonight.”

We asked Facinelli if coming back to each subsequent Twilight film felt like working on a TV series.

“Well, you never know if you’re going to come back,” he replies, “Even, I remember, I’m envious of ;The Hunger Games kids who as soon as the movie was over, they knew there going to do the whole series. For us, it was after the first movie it was a fifty-fifty shot of if we’re going to do the second movie and then attendance was high. So, we ended up doing the second one and then, there was always that thought in the back of your head well maybe the fans won’t show up to this one. Maybe they’ll get bored with the franchise and they won’t come.”

“So, every movie, we never took it for granted that people were actually going to come,” Peter adds, “We were always hoping can we, are we going to shoot the next one, we hope so, you know? And The Hunger Games kids, they did the first movie and I think they’ve already said they were doing two and three automatically, I was like, we never had that. It was always like as you go. Maybe we paved the road for them a little bit.”

We also asked Peter if he would ever go to Twilight conventions down the road as his career continues.

“You know there have been some Twilight conventions,” Facinelli says, “I did go to a couple of them as a promotion for the movie. I think once the franchise is over though, I don’t want to be the guy that’s reliving his glory days in high school. I think it’s kind of done, for me it’s kind of over when the movie’s over. Maybe twenty years from now if the gang all got together and it was you know, everyone forgot our answers to all these questions we seem to answer all the time.”

“Then maybe we can go and it’d be fun to get everybody together again,” he continues, “But yeah, I feel like this is the end of this franchise, unless they end up somehow making another book, but they’d have to do it soon because everyone’s getting too old to play these roles. You can’t play seventeen forever, you know.”

Facinelli talks about a pivotal scene between himself as Carlisle and his adopted son Edward, played by Robert Pattinson.

“It was snowing,” Peter recalls, “It was kind of a nice father/son chat and there was a lot at stake there because it was one of those moments were as those characters, it’s almost like a goodbye. You don’t know if you’re going to see that person again. It’s almost like if you can never see this person again what would you say, and for Carlisle, he always thought, he was never quite sure if this was, if turning Edward was the right decision. It was a decision that he made and kind of forced on Edward. I think there was a lot of times in his life where he felt like did I make the right decision. So, this was kind of a nice moment where Edward said you did. I think that was the first time he actually looked at me and was like thank you for giving me this life, and I think that for Carlisle, there was a completion there.”

“It’s funny when you have kids it’s like as they get older they appreciate their parents more,” he adds, “And there are times through their adolescence, I’m sure that you’re a teen and you hate your dad and you don’t want to have anything to do with him and then you get to be in an adult and you realize wow, there’s so many things I took for granted. I had that in my lifetime with my dad. It was like I appreciate him a lot more as I get older and I think this is that moment of growth where he’s become a father himself and he’s looking at his dad in a whole new way.”

Without giving anything away, Peter talks about Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s climactic battle scene at the end and the things fans will expect and the twists they may not expect.

“I always love the twists in these movies,” Facinelli says, “Because everything’s based on the book so everyone knows what to expect and there’s moments that you as a fan, you hope that they’ve shot this scene because it’s your favorite scene. Whenever you’re able to throw in a surprise or a twist or you have to remember these movies are an adaption of the books, it’s our interpretation of these books.”

“So, in some ways you can, you can have some leeway in that where you don’t have to shoot every page the way it was in the book, but you don’t want to take leeway to the point where you offend the fans,” he adds, “But I think what we did was heighten the drama, and enhance what was written, and I think this fans hopefully will be pleasantly surprised and shocked in some ways but those are the moments that you kind of like the fans to see because it’s fresh.”

We asked Facinelli is what to expect from the upcoming fifth season of Nurse Jackie, which is currently filming and will premiere on Showtime sometime next year.

“I get them script by script and I never know what’s happening,” he says, “But they have all new writers this season, so it’s exciting in some ways to have a fresh perspective on things.”

“We have a new show runner and I’m curious to see what direction they take the show in,” Peter continues, “We’re only on episode three right now, so we have seven more and it’s like, I don’t know what’s going happen, which is kind of like life. You kind of don’t know what’s going to happen. So, for my character, it’s a page turner for me when I read him.”

Peter also shared with us what is going on with his production company Facinelli films, which produced its first film Loosies, which came out earlier this year.

“I just finished a film in Columbia called Gallows Hill, which is a horror film,” Facinelli reveals, “It’s the first horror film I ever did so that was kind of exciting to do that genre and it was fun. I enjoyed it. That was aside from my production company. My production company we have three films in development.”

“So one I wrote and we’re just actively looking for financing right now and one I have the rights to this documentary called The Last Wordand I’ve partnered up with Boss Media and they’re having someone write the script right now,” he continues, “So I just got the draft and I’m really excited. I’m hoping to make that movie next year. And there’s another third one that is early but we’re just starting to get a script for it.”

Facinelli talks about the struggles of producing, especially through his own company.

“Producing isn’t easy,” he says of the process, “But it’s very rewarding because you get to have an idea, take it from a seed and watch it grow. And then, you get people involved to help you and you take three steps forward and two steps back all the time and it’s a process, but we’re in a really good shape with the things we’re doing. I’m excited to be able to not only now as an actor tell stories, but now find stories that I want to tell as a producer, and put people to work on it.”

“It’s empowering to get the rights to a documentary and then be able to partner up with somebody,” Peter continues, “And actually now we’re getting a writer paid to write that script, and we’re putting somebody to work and then we’ll shoot this. I’m putting more people to work and I’ll be able to hire a director, and other actors that I want to work with and so for me,I love having that kind of ability to start it from the beginning and be a part of the whole process. As opposed to just being an actor who comes in, I do my part and I go home. But I’ll still act in other peoples work as well, but in the meantime, when as an actor, you’re just reading other people’s stuff and trying to find the right thing that you want to do so while I’m waiting on that I have my film production company and is a little more active.”

We asked Peter if the horror movie was what he was expecting.

“I don’t know if I had a lot of expectations with the horror movie,” Facinelli answers, “I didn’t know what to expect. But I remember just having a really fun time on it. It was actually a lot more work emotionally than I thought.”

“I mean sometimes you think oh, it’s just a silly horror movie, but you go through so many emotions in those horror movies,” he adds, “I have an all-new respect for it going through it.”

We also asked Facinelli if there was a gruesome death scene in the film.

“I’m not going to say,” Peter replies, “I’m not going to say. You’ll have to watch the movie and find out.”