Written By: Dan Portnoy

When Sean William Scott first came to the big screen it was in the form of Steve Stifler, an obnoxious, sex crazed high school senior in 1999’s hit comedy American Pie. Since that first film, Scott has earned a number of comedic roles including two sequels to the original Pie movie. The work keeps coming in for this young actor. With four movies set for 2006 releases, his career continues to flourish. And this summer his energetic, upbeat sense of humor can be seen in The Dukes of Hazzard, a big screen adaptation of the notorious television series that is sure to thrill audiences through out America.

In the film, Scott plays Bo Duke a young southern troublemaker. With his cousin Luke Duke played by Johnny Knoxville, the two instigate and elude the authorities creating an elaborate game of cat and mouse making lifetime enemies out of Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds) and Sheriff Coltrane (M.C. Gainey). “It’s a fun movie, it’s easy to watch, I really laughed a lot.” Laughs are not the only thing this movie has. There’s action, suspense, and oh yeah, Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke to get your blood pumping.

In their spare time, Luke romances the ladies while Bo spends time with his car, keeping it polished and in peak condition. Love for “the Dukes” car was something that Sean and his character Bo had in common. Although there was one time when performing a stunt the Dukes car, trusty ol’ General Lee created a potentially dangerous situation. “The first two takes when we nailed it Johnny and I were screaming like little girls. Then on the third take I’m wisperin’ ‘the brakes are out, the brakes are out.’ And everything was fine until we saw a bunch of locals that are like ‘Dukes of Hazzard! Dukes of Hazzard!’ and I’m like ‘get out of the way the breaks are out!'” I guess sometimes you get thrown a curveball, and luckily Scott knew how to hit it.

Even still, he liked driving the high-speed auto, but in a movie where action is in large supply, it’s not as much fun to follow the rules of the road. “What I liked doing more was the maneuvers. I like going fast, like going around a track and stuff, but I found it to be more of a challenge to try and finesse the car…but I’d love to do a sequel and work with the stunt crew again and do way more driving cause that was the thing I’ve enjoyed more then anything I’ve done so far.”

What he’s done so far has stemmed a great deal from his work in the American Pie movies. “In the beginning when American Pie came out I was just excited to be in a film, to be in a movie that people liked…” And like it people did. The first film alone grossed over $102 million during it’s time in the theaters. Considering it was an R-rated comedy, that’s not too shabby. “The great thing about that trilogy, the American Pie stuff, is that it’s obviously opened up doors and given me the opportunity to do something like this.” By “this’ Scott is referring to The Dukes of Hazzard which he had watched as a kid, but hadn’t been reacquainted with until he signed onto the film.

Another thing that Scott was able to get acquainted with was the shenanigans of his co-star Johnny Knoxville. “The guy was always playin around,” laughed Scott as he thought of Knoxville. And believe it or not Knoxville was predisposed to sharing some of his unseen body parts with the cast and crew. Particularly his behind. “I saw it every day [Johnny’s posterior], every day he’d have the right testicle out, the left one out. I’d be in the middle of preparing for a big car stunt…and right before we’d hear action, I’d hear ‘hey Sean look over here.'” Lo and behold there it was the dreaded testicle. But it was those types of pranks and gags that made the set and the film so much fun to work on.

When you look back over the previous six years of Scott’s career, you find that his movies share a number of commonalities which include him playing similar characters. “A lot of the movies I have done, all of them, that’s exactly what they are [funny and fun]. We’re not trying to save the world or win the academy award. Its just popcorn films and hopefully you have an hour and a half out of your day to just sit back and relax.” In a lot of cases it’s those kinds of films that in fact do make the most money and satisfy the most people. They’re a good base for Scott to build on his career.

Eventually Scott would like to branch out into other genres and other roles besides comedic ones. “I think that what I’ve done is only a fraction of what I’m capable of doing.” But wait does that mean no more American Pie sequels? “I’m also signed on to do American Pie 5. I’m just kidding, I have nightmares that I’m in another American Pie film…and there like dinosaurs in the American Pie movie, Chris Klein is riding a dinosaur, and I’m like ‘geez, man I did a lot of those movies!'” So I guess that’s a no.

As young as he is, it’s more than likely Scott will get his chance to broaden his horizon’s and fully explore his potential. In fact, in one of his upcoming 2006 films, Scott has a more toned down, subtle role in the comedy, Mr. Woodcock, also starring Susan Sarandon and Billy Bob Thornton. Until that film makes its debut, American audiences have Scott in The Dukes of Hazzard, doing what he does best, making people laugh.