Taylor Lautner originally scored roles in films like Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. But everything changed when he landed the role of Jacob Black in Twilight.

As Jacob’s presence in the story increased with the second Twilight film New Moon, Lautner, like his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, became international teen idols as the franchise continued into Eclipse and Breaking Dawn –Part 1. In the wake of the success of The Twilight Saga, the actor also landed roles in films like Valentine’s Day and Abducted.

Now the 20 year-old plays Jacob Black for the last time in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. We asked Taylor about any expectations that he feels now that the series is over.

“You seriously just can’t even look at it that way,” Lautner believes, “You can’t because this is one of a kind. I mean these don’t come around too often at all and this is special. The fans with this franchise are just unreal, their passion, their support. I feel like you can’t carry on those expectations. I mean that’s your goal of course, but this is one of a kind.”

Lautner talks about the fact that Jacob gets to have witty dialogue like “You know I’m hotter than you are,” in Eclipse or ‘Go ahead, take a whiff,’ in this one.

“Jacob is a funny guy,” Taylor says of him, “I mean, he’s given some fun lines, and the hotter than you one was definitely a fun one, and there’s some funny ones in a scene I have with Charlie in this one, really, it’s this one.”

“Specifically Breaking Dawn Part 2, Jacob’s able to be more comedic than he has been before cause he has a huge weight taken off his shoulders,” he adds, “And I mean, it’s, it was great to play that new side to Jacob, and they definitely give him some good lines though.”

Taylor talks about having his shirtless Jacob scene in this one involve being around Charlie Swan, Bella’s father.

“It was fun in this way,” Lautner says, “I mean it’s always, it’s always weird when Jacob has a shirtless scene, mainly because he’s the only person shirtless, but that scene was, that scene was different, and it was weird for me because Billy Burke is like so cool and collected and he was so funny.”

“It was hard for me to keep a straight face,” he adds, “I mean, having to take all of my clothes off, dead serious about something very important. I mean Jacob’s freaking at this point, and it was tough to stay in that mode.”

We asked Lautner if he thinks there’s something about Jacob that fans latch onto.

“Yeah,” he answers, “I mean, I think there, I think there’s a lot about Jacob that, a lot about Jacob, a lot about all of the characters that fans latch onto and, I mean, Stephenie Meyer creating these characters is really where all the credit goes to. I mean people can just relate to them. I can relate to several parts of Jacob and, I mean, he’s an awesome character.”

“And yeah, it does,” Taylor continues, “It adds more to it, that Jacob is a werewolf and that Edward is a vampire, but we’ve always said that we feel there would still be a tremendous story and tremendous relationships between the characters even if you took the supernatural element away, and that’s, that’s probably, that’s the biggest, that’s the genius of Stephenie Meyer.

Taylor talks about how he will get to display his talents at gymnastics, karate, and fighting in his next film.

“It is fun,” he replies, “I mean, I’ve played sports my whole life, so it is fun to use that, but I did give up sports and karate for acting because that’s what I wanted to do, so I am looking forward to playing roles where they don’t have any of that.”

“And it’s just, you know a really awesome character,” Lautner continues, “And I have a few of those that I’m very excited about, but it is great when you’re able to play an awesome character, and it’s challenging as an actor, but also be able to use those things as well. It is fun, definitely is. They get a little worried, like the insurance and everything they, they’re definitely sweating when I have to do some crazy stunt.’

Lautner talks about what it was like for the whole world to watch him go from teenage boy to man through The Twilight Saga.

“I think it was probably just more accelerated,” he says of the experience, “And I’ve learned so much as an actor that I never thought I’d be able to and so much as a person, but the the acceleration rate is yeah, is quite different, but I yeah, I don’t know. People always ask, you know, ‘Are you upset that you’ve missed out on certain parts of, you know a normal life?’ Like prom, and all these like simple things, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, sure.’”

“But there’s also been so many things that if I was going to prom, I wouldn’t have been able to experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Taylor continues, “I’ve been so blessed, and I can’t believe I’m in this position and can’t believe I’ve experienced some of the things I have that I wouldn’t trade it.”

Asked to Taylor was what his 21st birthday next year will look like.

“I’m predicting the future right now,” he claims, “And it’s probably not going to be that massive at all, because I like small, intimate, close people. I don’t like the big party scene, so it’ll probably be more of like a family/friend thing, and I’ll keep it smaller, but we’ll see. You never know.”

We also asked Taylor if he’s still going to be able to embrace the Twilight fan worship as his career goes on.

“I mean Jacob and this franchise will always be a massive part of who I am,” Lautner believes, “That’s just, it’s impossible for it not to after how long this has been and how much it’s meant to me, but I’m excited to take those memories and hold onto them forever, but also move on to the next chapter of my life.”

“I’m excited to challenge myself to different things now, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity that Twilight has given us to, to go off and do different things,” he adds, “It’s unbelievable, and I never thought it would be able to happen, so I’m very excited for this next chapter, but I’ll never forget this.”

Lautner talks about the anticipation of the last film in The Twilight Saga coming out nearly a year and a half after filming finally wrapped for both parts of Breaking Dawn.

“It is exciting,” Taylor says, “It’s very exciting. I can hardly contain it. I just want the movie to come out, but it’s a fine line of not changing things too much because the fans love what’s in those books, and they don’t want us to change anything important, but to be able to just add a little something, it’s a good feeling. I’m so excited for the fans to see it.”