UPDATE – It appears the marketing department never really wanted this particular cat out of the bag. The entire trailer has been pulled from Michael Bay’s website and all the sites that used the Vimeo link are now being told that they were not authorized to embed the footage. In the meantime my guess is that a couple of edits are being made to remove the selected frames you can see below. Either that or they’re holding off for hi-res versions to post… not too likely… or just waiting it out until the official trailer premieres with Wolverine on May 1st. Then we’ll probably get more of a sense of what the marketing department actually wants us to see, and if they do officially reveal Megatron, you can bet it will be a hell of a lot more epic than some blurred red eyes and a pincer hand.

UPDATE 2 – I guess the heat is on a little bit more than I thought it was. The YouTube links have all been taken down now “Due to a copyright claim by Paramount.” It’s starting to look more and more like this wasn’t the way these clips were meant to get out. I wonder if the guys who run Bay’s site might have accidentally published the stuff early by mistake, like they were just setting the video up and accidentally uploaded the final page. Whoops. Oh well. If this keeps up I’ll try and upload the 1080p copy I have myself, or compromise by taking some sweet screenshots and posting them at the highest resolution I can. Paramount should have learned from 20th Century Fox’s mistakes with Wolverine by now, this is the internet after all. Once something gets out, you can never get it back.


Just in case the first story was getting a little stale in the whole last few hours it’s been up… we were able to get our hands on a crisp 1080p version of the earlier footage and something caught my eye. That something turns out to be the Decepticon leader Megatron, back from the dead. Now this wouldn’t be so interesting if Michael Bay himself hadn’t been denying Megatron’s involvement since day one. Even when Hugo Weaving CONFIRMED his own voice-work for the film, Bay wrote the whole thing off as some sort of flashback fantasy sequence. Unfortunately for Bay, images speak far louder than words, and here is your proof that Megatron himself is back for the sequel in a big way. The design changes appear to be in line with the early reports of his new tank form as well as the leaked CG photos from a week or so ago. Check out the screen-grabs.





See if you can spot them yourself in our flash encode below, and check back as we’ll be sure to update with HD links as they become available: