TCS Has Found the man to play a Young Han Solo! by thecinemasource

As everyone knows, Star Wars: Episode VII is already in the works with Harrison Ford on board to reprise his role as the iconic scoundrel Han Solo.

But there have been rumors that one of the other ‘in-development’ films in the Star Wars universe could possibly center on a young Han Solo. There have been a series of novels written about Han Solo and Chewbacca’s smuggling adventures, so a spin-off would make sense.

So far a film where Solo goes solo is all just internet chatter – and likely fanboy wishful thinking – but we at TCS already have our casting choice for the rebellious hero: Jason Ritter.

Come on, he’s cute, he’s charming, and we can totally picture him in a vest.

In a recent chat with Ritter, we suggested this idea to him and he was more than on board. In fact, he seemed ready to grab Chewbacca and take off in the Millennium Falcon right then and there; hence the photo below capturing his true reaction to the idea.


“Ooh! That would be so cool!” he exclaimed. “Alright, I’ll do it!” [skip to the 9:00-minute mark of the above video for his full reaction.]

Alas, we don’t actually have the power to make this happen. But we do have the power of suggestion – which is almost like a Jedi mind trick. That counts for something, right?

How would you feel about Jason Ritter taking on the role of Han Solo in a Star Wars prequel or spin-off?

Could he fill Harrison Ford’s shoes? And if you don’t think he could, then who would you suggest instead? Sound off in our comments section!