I think it’s fairly safe to say that most of us are fans of The Dark Knight. It was a blockbuster piece of filmmaking the likes of which hadn’t been seen in an awfully long time, and its opening weekend gross held the record until two days ago when it was defeated by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. TDK was a phenomenon in a lot of ways, not just because of the death of one of its stars (Heath Ledger) during post-production. Christopher Nolan had crafted a stellar re-imagining of the superhero genre with Batman Begins and his model continues to be emulated to this day. In fact, one of the biggest disappointments I felt about DC’s newest attempt to adapt a superhero franchise, Green Lantern, was that it strayed to much from the darker and grittier world that Nolan built his foundation upon, leaving a shallow and ultimately unsatisfying empty popcorn bag in its wake.

Nolan’s follow up project, Inception, also made major box office waves, so it’s no wonder that Warnerbros. was willing to back up a truckload of money to get him to return for a third outing. After Ledger‘s death, Nolan made several statements about why he wouldn’t pursue a third film unless they were able to come up with a satisfying enough joker-free story. It appears they have located it, as The Dark Knight Rises makes its splashy marketing debut just days before Comic-Con. First there was the new teaser poster art, featured below, giving us a good glimpse at the metaphorical crumbling of Gotham City.

Then, there was the full bodied teaser trailer, offering several shots of new footage, despite the film only having been in production for about a month. In my opinion, this was a smart move, as I remember the audio only teaser for TDK aggravating a lot of people. You can also check out the trailer below: