Trailer Round-Up #4 with Nine, The Boat That Rocked, and Prince of Persia

Published on May 16th, 2009
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trailer_round_up-logo-ryan_hamelinFeeling disappointed by Angels and Demons? Trying to weigh seeing Star Trek a third time against Christian Bale taking out his anger issues on hapless androids of death in Terminator Salvation? Searching for what looks good off on the horizon? That’s where we come in, and, as usual, it’s time for the latest CinemaSource trailer round-up.

Nine Based on the phenomenal Broadway show of the same name, this film is directed by Rob Marshall who helmed the Academy Award winning Chicago and boasts one of the strongest casts of any movie coming out this year. Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, and Fergie. No, I wasn’t joking about the Fergie part.

Prince of Persia This may be jumping the gun a little bit, especially since the film isn’t going to come out for another year, but this first look clip of Jerry Bruckheimer’s latest blockbuster in waiting starring Jake Gyllenhaal does seem to have life in it yet. Based on the popular video game franchise from Ubisoft, may we actually have our first decent video game to movie adaptation?

Surrogates The latest sci-fi flick starring Bruce Willis has him chasing people around as a superhuman android, while he sits at home safe and sound. Apparently androids are the way to go these days, and they’re being used for all aspects of people’s daily lives. That us, until people start getting murdered while plugged in. Sounds kind of like I, Robot meets The Matrix. Not a bad combination if I do say so myself.

Gamer Didn’t get enough frenetic action and camera angle mayhem from the brother’s earlier release this year, Crank: High Voltage? Well, here’s your chance at round 2 with the first trailer for their new movie starring Gerard Butler as a death row convict who’s part of a bloodbath gladiator-esque last man standing television program. If he wins, he gets his freedom… only one catch, he’s being controlled by a teenager.

The Princess and the Frog Well, all kneel to John Lasseter. The man made Pixar the single most critically successful film studio of the last century has been given the reigns to all of Disney‘s animation division. His goal? To start making great 2D animated films again. It looks like they’ve already got their first winner…

The Hangover Early buzz has this movie making you roll in the aisle of your local theater in physical pain from laughter. I don’t know if any movie is capable of causing such a reaction, but these three are certainly talented enough to make it happen. With this red-band music video style trailer, they are slowly convincing me that it might be a Superbad level hit. Only time will tell…

Land of the Lost You’ve probably already made your mind up on this one. Either you like Will Ferrell or you don’t. This trailer isn’t going to change your mind, but it still looks like more interesting family entertainment than Brendan Fraser‘s Journey to the Center of the Earth.

The Boat That Rocked This one took me completely by surprise. I had no idea that this movie was even being made, let alone with such an all-star British cast. It’s based on the true story of the birth of modern rock radio in the UK. They’ve also got Philip Semour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Kenneth Branagh. Final ruling: This one looks like waaay too much fun to pass up.

Whatever Works Here’s our first look at Woody Allen‘s latest starring Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood. Is it worth seeing? Probably. Worth paying full price for? Not so much. As usual, I’m not the target audience for this movie so I really don’t have much worth saying about it.

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