Kristen Bell made a so-so debut as a Hollywood movie star with this winter’s When in Rome, but anyone who remembers her from Veronica Mars knows she can do better than that.  Her next shot is You Again, one of those girls-behave-badly-but-there’s-a-female-empowerment-message-at-the-end movies, hopefully closer to Mean Girls than Bride Wars.

It’s with a certain level of embarrassment that I thought the “You” of the title — Bell’s character’s old high school torturer — was played by Megan Fox.  It’s not.  That’s Odette Yustman, of Cloverfield and The Unborn.  Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver are in charge of the subplot, which could be fun, and the suddenly-everywhere Betty White is also on hand, presumably as the ringer.  Check out the brand new trailer below:

No U.S. poster yet, but here’s a foreign version I dug up from IMPAwards: