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She Hate Me
Anthony Mackie, Ellen Barkin, Woody Harrelson, John Turturro, ,
Genre: Drama
In Theaters: Jul 30th 2004

Review By:
Lena Aburdene

Graduated Lehigh 2002, Fordham Masters program 2003

She Hate Me

Review by: Lena Aburdene

She Hate Me, a Spike Lee Joint should have been called Do the Right Thing Part 2. The film is mainly about morals and ethics but unfortunately these main points were drowned out by the countless other convoluted ideas that were thrown into this messy film.

How can one really explain what She Hate Me is about? Where to begin? In a nutshell, Lee wanted to make a film based upon the events involving Enron, Halliburton, Martha Stewart and the greed and fraud within corporations. In this film, the young and handsome star, Jack Armstrong (Anthony Mackie) is the VP at a prestigious biotech company that is on the verge discovery a vaccine for the AIDS virus. In the first scene, Dr. Herman Schiller, a brilliant man takes Jack in his office and tells Jack to get married and have children or else his life will be empty. At this point, the film seems like it has promise. Unfortunately, right after this, the movie takes a turn for the worst when Dr. Schiller jumps out of his office window and the company goes into an uproar, shredding documents and trying to conceal evidence. Jack angrily finds out that some amoral practices have been going on, and although he is persuaded to keep quiet by the bosses, Margo Chadwick (Ellen Barkin) and Leland Powell (Woody Harrelson) he decides to place a life-changing phone call to the SEC. He loses his job and Powell and his hungry wolves set out to destroy poor Jack, who simply did the right thing by exposing these crooks. Jack finds his accounts frozen, and unable to find work, he accepts $10,000 from his ex girlfriend Fatima (Kerry Washington) and her new girlfriend Alex (Dania Ramirez) (yes, girlfriend. She is now a lesbian) to impregnate both of them. Now, you might ask, why don't these women just go to a sperm bank instead of bothering the poor tortured man who was lied to by the one woman he truly loved? Fatima's reasoning is simply that Jack is a good man to breed with. He is Harvard educated and has the good looks to match. In a bind, Jack decides to comply with the proposed scheme and has (steamy) sex with his beautiful ex and impregnates her. Her partner Alex wants to be artificially inseminated and does not get pregnant (that is until later on in the movie when she herself has sex with Jack). Fatima gets a great idea to bring lesbians from all over who desperately want children from a reputable

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