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Fade to Black
Jay-Z, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, R. Kelly, Foxy Brown...
Genre: Documentary
In Theaters: Nov 5th 2004

Review By:
T.O. Sweet

NYU, 2000

Favorite Quote:
"uhmm humph... yeah, uh... i hear ya talkin'..." - Mojo Johnson

Fade to Black

Review By: T.O. Sweet

(Think: Jay-Z's "Publuc Service Announcement" from The Black Album)

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is "sweet"...
For short "es - double u - tee"...
Assigned here to bring a little clarity...
Talkin 'bout Jay's "Fade To Black"... that's where's it's at...
When I saw it, didn't know how to act, sweez!

Ok, now you know I'm trippin'... in my own world, as twisted as I want to be. But after viewing this movie, I was that HYPED! Jay-Z is one of those cats who makes it look so easy that you think you can do it just as smooth, but NAH!!! It just doesn't work like that.

The movie, or film, or documentary, or concert video, or whatever you wanna call it... on the surface appears to be just that, another movie about an artist's concert with "behind the scenes" footage... ooooh wow! And I'm not fond of concert movies, especially Hip-Hop, because most Hip-Hop artists have NO stage show. I don't want to waste my time seeing someone walk up and down the stage with a mic... yellin' at me, plus there is NO clarity in their music on stage. So you can probably guess that when I got the assignment, I was like "oh lawd, here we go with this b*llsh*t".

But allow me to say publicly and "on the record" that I enjoyed this movie thoroughly. Hold on, allow me to elaborate on that... this movie brought questions to mind as well as answered a lot of little uncertainties. For example, uncertainties like... (1) how does Jay rhyme the way he does?, (2) what inspires/drives him? (3) how does he pick his tracks? (4) how much creative control does he really have? (5) why would he ever want to retire? Uncertainties like these were answered, but questions like... (1) what's next for Jay-Z? (2) who will be the #1 act act the ROC? (3) why were there NO signs of DIP SET throughout the entire movie?... amongst others plague my mind after the movie was well finished.

The movie itself was amazing... first we start with Jay in the studio looking for tracks that inspire him enough to be on his last album. This studio sequence goes throughout the movie, segmented in between concert footage. And not only does Jay pick his own tracks, but each producer has to pitch and sell Jay on the track (Kayne does his damn thing, I was ready to come out of my own pocket). But pay close attention to those scenes in particular, because this will give you the TRUE insight into

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