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Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, Steve Zahn, Dayna Cussler, William H. Macy, Glynn Turman...
Genre: Action, Crime
In Theaters: Apr 8th 2005

Review By:
Alexis Tuminello

John Jay 2005

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I do not regret the things I've done just those I did not do

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Review By: Alexis Tuminello

Everyone who thinks Matthew McConaughey can not act please raise your hand. No? No one? Apparently I am the only one. No one else thinks he is always typecast as the handsome body with the Southern accent that can roll a toothpick from one side his mouth to the other is an oh-so-casual and cliché way? I guess that also means that I am the only person who felt that this movie was an almost never-ending hour and a half spent in the dark? That’s OK. I like going against the grain. If this movie really has anything that’s worth a stray Civil War submarine full of gold it's Steve Zahn; the plucky sidekick who turns that disparaging label into a compliment.

In order to explain the formulaic action packed, gun-totting break from the monstrous plot the opening sequence spans an endless background of some naval training and an obsession with a fact of American heritage that no one else believes is real. I’m sure in the Clive Cussler novel, which I have not read (I think his writing is a bit convoluted), the back story is beautifully illustrated but here it’s packed into news clippings and photographs examined by a circling camera that makes you dizzy. Much like my sentences which drag on forever, so does this commencement. And much like the books that I don’t read, the film Sahara has too many storylines packed into one. There are the salvagers Dirk Pitt (McConaughey) and Al Giordino (Zahn) who disobey their higher-up William H. Macy and go in search of a landlocked sub, the noble (and sexy) W.H.O. doctor, Eva (Penélope Cruz), determined to infiltrate destitute war torn villages to save the world, the local West African leaders fighting for territory over what I assume are monetary reasons (evil) and freedom from dictatorial oppression (good) but which is never explained to the point of understanding (If you’d like to know more about this movie phenomenon where semi-realistic domestic wars are set as the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters just let me know. I have a friend who would love to talk about it.), and mysterious millionaire with an accent (Lambert Wilson) who you just know is up to know good. And guess what - the day is saved! but I bet you already knew that.

Now that that pesky plot is out of the way let me rave more about Steve Zahn. For all of you who are mediocre fans of his comedy stylings (and I say mediocre because

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