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Weather Man, The
Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Hope Davis, , ,
Genre: Drama / Comedy
In Theaters: Oct 28th 2005

Review By:
Edward Kasche

Marist College 2003

Favorite Quote:
"Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies." - Andy Dufresne

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The Weather Man

Review By: Edward Kasche

Nicolas Cage is quite the Hollywood phenomenon. I like him. I do. I have since I first watched him in The Rock when I was 15 years old. Little did I know that he seamlessly transfers himself from large action movies (Con Air, Face/Off, National Treasure), to small artistic films (Adaptation, Bringing Out the Dead, Leaving Las Vegas), to family films(The Family Man, Honeymoon in Vegas, It Could Happen to You), and he even throws in some truly crazy performances (Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, Vampireís Kiss). He is a good actor, well trained and capable. He performs well in all these different genres, ticking characters off like notches on his belt. However, no matter how good he is in the film, some of his films are horrendous and painful to sit through. Three that I love are The Rock, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Face/Off. Three I would avoid ever watching again are 8 Millimeter, Windtalkers, and Snake Eyes. It has become impossible for me to judge his films based on his presence alone. I now choose his films based on concepts and surrounding elements, such as Director, Plot, Supporting Actors, Hype, Trailers, etc. I have been fooled before, when the trailers or titles are ambiguous, and I have been left quite unhappy in my theatre seat, $10 short in my wallet. I was excited for The Weather Man based on the trailer, its use of cool ďmoodĒ music (by Hans Zimmer and James S. Levine), the supporting actors, and the story. My excitement was put on hold when the film was put on hold this spring. But now itís out and Iíve seen it. So, where does this fit into the Nicolas Cage film catalogue?

The Weather Man is a good film. The man behind me in the theatre seconded my opinion by saying, ďThat was good,Ē at the completion of the run. Though I say the film is good, I know itís not for everyone and Iíll explain why. The trailer is ambiguous. It leaves you believing that this is an upbeat story of redemption and renewal. This is only somewhat true. David Spritz (Nicolas Cage) does find his way, but it is not easy, and the Hollywood payoffs donít come. The Weather Man is about tedium, awkwardness, pain, loss, entrapment, and love. When the film opens, David Spritz is a boy in a manís body, a boy searching for direction, love (of a companion and his Father), and purpose. He doesnít know or

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