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Genre: Sci-Fi
In Theaters: Sep 30th 2005

Review By:
Ida Ibricevic


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Darling,what the hell are you wearing?
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Review By: Ida Ibricevic

Serenity, directed by Joss Whedon, is a cult classic for sci-fi dorks everywhere! Sadly, I myself hate sci-fi which maybe why this whole concept of hundreds of different planets inhabited by the human race, dodging Ravers (cannibalistic humans), and gasing up the star-ship seems totally ridiculous. If I were a Trekkie or at the very least a fan of the genre, I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed this more than I did. Unfortunately, the experience just left me praying to be “beamed” out of the theatre as soon as possible.

This is a feature-length adaptation of Whedon's short lived television show Firefly. The plot is set five hundred years in the future, aboard the transport ship Serenity, with over-bearing Capt. Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) at the helm. River, played by Summer Glau, is the key to destruction or salvation, I suppose it all kind of depends really. She plays a prodigy amongst highly educated and crafted children, who is diagnosed as being mentally unstable. In nut shell they built a powerful weapon with a sweet face, but someone at some point screwed up and now the game is on! Her brother Simon (played by Sean Maher) eventually manages to break her free from the institution that has been monitoring her to benefit from her powers. After their getaway the Alliance, a conglomerate in control of the entire galaxy, sends an assassin to hunt down their most precious weapon, River. Now they’re all on the run from the Alliance after Mal takes them aboard to pull better heists with Simon’s medical abilities and River’s psychic powers.

This movie was too corny for me. I went in expecting the best that I could with it being a science fiction film, but I was let down. The dialogue was just over the top. The wording was so ‘gung-ho’ coming out of Fillion, which was hard to take seriously. The script was well done as far as the kind of outline that a film in this arena would require, but the written dialogue was trite and over-acted.

The special effects and stunts weren’t bad though. The eye candy was successful at keeping my attention, as were the stunts and combat sequences. The battles and fight scenes were full of Kill Bill combat maneuvers and great choreography. The special effects had a very similar feel to a hybrid of Star Trek and Blade Runner! Which are absolutely the film’s strongest points.

The comedy in this film saved some of the dialogue from falling flat. Right when you would least expect one of the main characters to grow a sense of humor... there it was! Thanks to that ever-present “jack

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