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Shia LaBeouf, David Morse, Sarah Roemer, Carrie-Anne Moss, ,
Genre: Thriller
In Theaters: Apr 13th 2007

Review By:
Dan Deevy

NYU Class of 2000

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"I don't think you're dumb.... I just think at times you're under-exposed to information." - Murphy Brown

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Review By: Dan Deevy

Despite its many similarities to my favorite movie of the year thus far, The Lookout, Disturbia turns out to be a solid movie all on its own. Following his terrific performance in last yearís dramatic A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, young Shia LaBeouf proves that his serious turn there was no fluke.

No matter how much I may not WANT to like Shia or respect him as an actor, I really have no choice. Itís like realizing you must grudgingly respect the musical talents of someone like Eminem. You may not like his politics, but his talent is impossible to deny. With Shia, who is a very charming, refreshingly honest Hollywood actor, itís just hard to accept that someone so young, so successful and frankly so damn wealthy thanks to Disney-fication, can also be a serious actor with a genuine future ahead of him.

To draw the obvious film analogy Disturbia is Rear Window, except itís a teenage kid under house arrest who watches the goings on of his neighborhood and the serial killer over the road. The problem with this almost flippant comparison is that it hardly does the movie justice. The movie is equal parts suspense and drama with a dash of light-hearted good humor thrown in for good measure.

The opening sequence is one that cannot be missed. If youíre heading out to the theater to see this movie but you think youíre going to be a few minutes late Ė wait for the next show! If you miss the first 15 minutes you will seriously regret it. Iím not going to tell you what happens because I think it will ruin the effect, but trust me, it is well worth it.

For those of you who are not quite sure if this one warrants a trip to your local multiplex, let me tell you that Disturbia is one of those rare films that makes a much better movie than it does a trailer. Usually with the right editor, any piece of crap can be made to seem exciting and suspenseful; here the trailer is less than riveting but it manages to whet the viewerís appetite for more without giving away the real heart of the film.

And while there really is no star power behind this, I guarantee you these fresh faced newcomers will not disappoint. Aaron Yoo, who plays our lead character's best friend Ronnie, has excellent comic timing and exudes a wonderfully youthful, fun personality that will have all of us reminiscing about that childhood friend that you used to build

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